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Great Basin Observatory Opens

Just in time for the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, Great Basin Observatory has opened in Baker:

Great Basin Astronomical Observatory

Great Basin Observatory logo

As anyone that has attended an astronomy program or camped overnight at Great Basin National Park can tell you - the skies at night are dark - in fact, they are some of the darkest skies in United States. Those dark skies present a special location for an astronomical observatory. In addition to the dark skies, Great Basin's night skies are extremely stable and transparent, two equally important factors for astronomical viewing.


Darwin Lambert Artist/Writer In Residence Program

Artist Miki Harder leading a guided hike and sketch trip to the Bristlecone Grove -NPS Photo

Artist Miki Harder leading a guided hike and sketch trip to the Bristlecone Grove -NPS Photo

For over a century artists have played an important role in the formation, preservation, and enjoyment of national parks by creating visual records of these unique areas. Their interpretation of the landscape through many types of media connects people to these special places. Many national parks across the country offer Artist-In-Residence programs. These programs are an essential part of the preservation and protection of these public lands.


Wheeler Peak sunrise

Wheeler Peak sunrise complements my book, Exploring Great Basin National Park: Including Mount Moriah Wilderness. It contains most of the same information, but has the advantage over the print and ebook versions in that it can be updated more often and I can post up-to-date park news. So please watch this space!


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